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Our high quality whisper quiet RollerTrol™ DC tubular roller motors are precision engineered to exacting standards, with state-of-the-art remote control systems.


At an average 38 db, our whisper quiet RollerTrol™ motors are among the quietest motors in the industry. Many other tubular motor brands are much noisier.

Custom Sizes:

The width is controlled simply by the length of slide-on tubing you select (minimum is 11", or 29 cm), and the height is controlled by the length of material you select (maximum motor turns is unlimited, unlike other brands). Different motor torque ratings are also available.

Advantages of Our DC Series Rollertrol™ Motors:

  • lower cost overall
  • an electrician is not required for installation
  • wiring is small gauge, typically lamp cord, easy to conceal
  • motor can be used in a variety of environments (home, RV, marine, etc)
  • many power source choices: A/C house current, battery, solar, etc.


We guarantee our RollerTrol™ motors against defect for a full year. They have been factory tested to 30,000+ cycles (approximate life of 82 years at 1 cycle per day).

Power Failure Protection:

If you use a battery in the system, they will work even when your building power has failed. We have small high-efficiency rechargeable backup batteries that can be easily concealed, or you can use your own system.

Power Source Flexibility:

Use a 12v solar panel system, wind generator, water wheel or other 12v power source. These are very efficient motors that require very little power to operate, typically 5 to 10 watts for perhaps 30 seconds when operating. If you use the radio remote type, the standby power is approximately 18 mA for the radio receiver. We also have special ultra-low power radio models with a standby power current of only .03 mA

RollerTrol™ Systems Use Regular AC:

Just use our standard plug-in 12v 'wall wart' power supplies. The battery is completely optional.

Use RollerTrol™ for Home Theater Screens AND Blackout Window Blinds:

You can make our RollerTrol™ motors do many different things.

Control Window Blinds and Projector Screens Simultaneously:

Our inexpensive single-channel remote control radio remotes can control multiple non-radio equipped RollerTrol™ motors at the same time.

Our multi-channel radio controllers can control multiple radio equipped RollerTrol motors simultaneously with the 'ALL' setting.

Control Window Blinds and Screens Separately, With a Single Remote:

Our multi-channel radio controllers can control radio equipped RollerTrol™ motors individually, but they also have an 'ALL' setting to move everything at once.

Add RollerTrol™ Motors to an Existing Remote Control:

You can purchase additional motors and add them to an existing group. RollerTrol™ motors have full 'learning' capabilities and can be added to an existing system at any time.

Control Blinds and Screens In Other Rooms:

Our RollerTrol™ RF radio type remote controls pass the signal through walls and have a range that can reach anywhere in a typical home.

Create Large Groups of Controlled Motors:

We currently we have hand-held remotes with up to 14 individual channels. If you don't need individual control, our non-radio models can be run simultaneously with a single controller. There is no limit to the number of RollerTrol™ motors that can be set up in a group, provided you use a controller and power supply that can handle the load adequately. Use of a battery also reduces the power supply size requirement.

Interface RollerTrol™ Systems With Other Home Automation Systems:

Our controllers can be modified to accept external switch closure signals from any other type of home automation system.

Set the Upper and Lower Travel Limits Easily:

RollerTrol™ radio equipped motors use an electronic system set by activating a 'learn' mode with the multi-channel remote control, and the limits are set from the remote. You don't have to touch the motors at all. This is much easier than the old style with hard to access screw settings on the motor.

The non-radio type of RollerTrol™ motor is set by activating a 'learn' switch on the motor itself, in conjunction with our low cost RF remote controller. This is still much easier and more accurate than the rotating screw system.

Use Any Length of Blind, Screen, or Banner Material:

The RollerTrol™ motors use an electronic 'pulse count' system, instead of the old style of screw adjustment mechanical limit system. Unlike these older mechanical designs, the number of rotations allowed is UNLIMITED.